Uncanny Valley.

The 6th paragraph of “Uncanny Valley” starts:

skim recruiter emails and job listings like horoscopes, skidding down to the perks: competitive salary, dental and vision, 401k, free gym membership, catered lunch, bike storage, ski trips to Tahoe, off-sites to Napa, summits in Vegas, beer on tap, craft beer on tap, kombucha on tap, wine tastings, Whiskey Wednesdays, Open Bar Fridays, massage on-site, yoga on-site, pool table, Ping-Pong table, Ping-Pong robot, ball pit, game night, movie night, go-karts, zip line. Job listings are an excellent place to get sprayed with HR’s idea of fun and a 23-year-old’s idea of work-life balance.

Please tell me how this is fiction.

(Via The Awl.)

The life-saving power of better typography.

Three more pieces to add to the growing canon:

The layman-oriented How Typography Can Save Your Life by Lena Groeger takes on the typographic identities of smoking, weather reporting, and heavy machinery – which links out to the joyfully esoteric On The Typography of Flight Deck Documentation by Asaf Degani.

Somewhere in between, Steven Heller goes HAM on Dashboard Type – the text interface between cars and drivers.

Delightful reading on a grey Saturday afternoon.