You are listening to Los Angeles.

You are listening to Los Angeles is an astounding single-serving site. Technically, it’s a cloud-leveraged mashup of a SoundCloud file, LAPD streaming audio, Cabin typeface, and a Flickr photo. As an experience, it’s not unlike a Pandora station started by a fan of Heat.

Self-described in metadata as Ambient music and live LAPD police radio. What’s not to like? It could also work with the Jurassic Park theme slowed down 1000%.


Also, New York takes a less literal approach.

A Jeopardy drinking game.

(via Christina)

1. Pick a player (last night, it was Sara, since we were at her home).
2. Drink once every time they get a question right.
3. Drink twice every time they get a question wrong.
4. Waterfall when she gets a Daily Double. Start at the Daily Double sound effect, end when Alex deems the answer correct or incorrect.

Optional rules:
5. Having Dan’s knowledge of the categories, we also established a rule that we should drink once every time anyone said the word “Oprah.” Substitute with any word chosen before the show.
6. There is no number 6.
7. I wish I’d thought of this last night: drink every time someone answers with a person’s full name instead of last name only.

I never realized how long Daily Doubles were until I had to drink the entire length of two of them in a half-hour span.